Last updated: 12 February 2020

General Rules

These rules (“the Rules”) apply to each section of the following event:

  • Classic Car Relay Road 

1. (each “Event”) and by registering for an Event, you agree to comply with them. Please check this page from time to time, as we may occasionally amend these Rules and any changes will be binding on all participants and supporters.


If you have any questions, please contact us on 07450585813 and we will be happy to help you.

This event has been organised by Debbie Gibbs, Evoke Tours, St Keverne, Sandymere Road, Northam, Devon, EX39 1 EY

Participant Entry

1. This Event is subject to age restrictions as set out below, which relate to the age of the participant on the day of the relevant Event. Participants must be able to provide proof of age on the day. We reserve the right to refuse entry to an Event, with no refund, to any participant who is under age, or is unable to provide proof of age when requested to do so by an Evoke Tours staff member.

2. We will only accept entries to an Event on the day where we are satisfied that it is safe to do so, given that each Event requires the contact details for all participants and must be held in advance in the case of an emergency.

3. Following your registration we will send you information about the Relay.

Classic Car Relay 

Children under the the age of 17 years old

  • Cannot enter individually but may accompany a parent or legal guardian

 Adults aged 18 and over

  • Can enter individually

  • Do not need parent or legal guardian contact details

  • Must have a valid UK drivers licence

  • Is solely responsible for obtaining the correct insurance, breakdown cover (optional) and ensuring the road worthiness of the intended vehicle for use or have a valid M.O.T if required by law

  • Can be a group leader

  • Can be the primary entrant for an additional entrant under 16 where the primary entrant is the parent/legal guardian of the additional entrant or has the permission of the additional entrant’s parent or legal guardian. Must give contact details for the parent or legal guardian.

Only registered participants who have paid their entry fee (or had the fee paid for them) are eligible to take part in Relay. 

Registration Fees 

1. Registration fees are non-refundable unless we change an event venue, time and/or date in a material way, or if we cancel the Event altogether. We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you need or want to withdraw from your Event for any reason. 

2. Registration fees for this Event are as set out on the Classic Car Relay website at the time of purchase unless a sales promotion is taking place, or a promotional or corporate voucher is used which covers all or some of the entry fee.

3. Your Event place will not be confirmed until payment has been processed and an email received from us acknowledging that a place has been allocated to you at the relevant Event.


1. The map(s)/route planning within the registration pack given to participants is for guidance and is not to be seen as an official route.

2. We reserve the right to alter the starting time and/or location depending unforeseen circumstances, we will endeavour to ensure to inform all participants of any alterations. Participants arriving late must use their own initiative an guide themselves to any suggested meeting points or the days the finishing point which was given as guidance in the Relay Pack. 

3. We reserve the right to refuse entry to participants who try to take part in the wrong Event day or start time without prior approval.

4. We reserve the right to reduce or alter Event courses to accommodate any unexpected complications on the day that may have an impact on Evoke Tours, participants, volunteers and spectators. 


1. All participants and supporters must abide by the Rules and any rules, instructions or regulations displayed or given on the day of the Event by police and/or Event officials. 

2. We respectfully ask that all participants and supporters do not use aggressive or abusive language towards our Event organisers, officials, volunteers and other participants. You should also avoid behaving in a way which may cause injury or harm to other participants and/or spectators, or which may cause offence or damage the reputation of Classic Car Relay.

3. We reserve the right to ask participants and supporters to leave an Event if they do not adhere to these Rules, and no refunds shall be given in these circumstances. 

Accommodation, Fuel, any other Expenses 

1. Classic Car Relay is not responsible for the booking, paying or providing recommendations for accommodation. Participants are solely responsible in arranging this themselves

2. Participants are responsible for the cost of fuel and any mechanical repairs for their vehicle

3. Evoke Tours is not responsible for any costs that participants incur throughout the Event

4. All participants must display the car vinyl provided so that they can be identified along the route(s) they must also provide the following details during the Event:

  • Their name.

  • The car make, model and registration number

  • Passenger names and ages if under 17 years of age

  • The name and number of a person to contact in case of an emergency.


By taking part in an Event, all participants acknowledge that there may be conditions or circumstances beyond our control that can lead to unforeseen risks. If you have any concerns or queries please contact us on the relevant telephone number given at the top of these Rules before agreeing to take part in an Event. 

Fundraising and Donations 

1. All participants have a legal responsibility to ensure that all fundraising monies/donations received in connection with an Event are paid to Cancer Research UK, and we ask that you do this as soon as possible after the Event. Money pledged via online fundraising pages is collected automatically. Other ways to pay in fundraising monies/donations are as follows:


  • Sending a cheque made payable to "Classic Car Relay" (stating your full name and unique Team Name and event sections on the back) to:

    Classic Car Relay, St Keverne,Sandymere Road, Northam, Devon, EX39 1EY

2. Please ensure that all fundraising donation forms are filled out in full and are returned to us to enable Gift Aid to be claimed where possible. 

3. We regret that fundraising money cannot be accepted on the day of the Event as we do not have the suitable cash handling facilities to fulfil this process.

Use of your information

1. By providing your information when you register for an Event, we will use this information for the purposes of organising, staging and administering the Event, including to send you your Relay pack. If you provide personal information on behalf of additional entrants, please only provide this if they have confirmed that they are happy for you to do so as we will use this information for the same purposes. In the case of an emergency we may also pass personal details provided (either when registering for the Event or on the day of your Event section) to the emergency services or health care professionals, and also use them for the purposes of contacting your emergency contact.

2.  We may pass on participants’ full name (but no other contact details) to a partner organisations. If you would prefer that we did not pass on your details, please contact us on the relevant telephone number given at the top of these Rules. 

3. Your personal information may also be used for the purposes of sending communications when registering for the Event. 

4. All personal information held by us will be handled in accordance with applicable privacy laws and Classic Car Relay's privacy statement.

Filming and Photography at the Events 

1. Please note that Classic Car Relay (or our authorised service providers and agents) may film or photograph participants, volunteers and spectators taking part or attending Events sections/start/finishing points and use such footage or photographs for the following reasons : (i) for Classic Car Relay to publicise the Event for commercial and/or fundraising purposes including, but not limited to, television broadcasts, advertising, publications, marketing material, merchandising, and other documents that may be made available to the public; and (ii) for our any commercial partners to publicise their involvement and/or association with the Event.

2. No personal details (including names) of any under 16-year-old participants will be used in any publicity materials without the written consent of their parent or legal guardian, but we may use images where children are incidentally included e.g. of mass participation on the starting/finishing points and any other group stops made.

3. Subject to rule 2 above, please only register a participant under the age of 16 if the participant’s parent/legal guardian (as applicable) are happy for their images to be used in the manner described in these Rules.


1. Use of Evoke Tours website is subject to our website terms and conditions. 

2. All participants and spectators enter and attend an Event entirely at their own risk. We shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss to participants or their property that might occur as a result of their participation or attendance at an Event, other than in respect of any injury or loss arising as a result of our negligence. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this clause shall exclude or limit our liability for any liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law. If you choose to continue you do so with the understanding that you are solely responsible for yourself, any passengers in your vehicle and your vehicle itself that is involved in the Event and that you absolve the Classic Car Relay of all and any responsibility, and progress entirely at your own risk.

Monies raised

1. I agree that all monies raised in connection with the Event will be held on trust for Cancer Research UK and that I have a legal responsibility to pass these to Classic Car Relay in order for a calculation of the total fundraising to be obtained.

2. I agree to pay all monies raised in connection with the Event to Cancer Research UK as soon as practicable after the Event and I will not deduct any costs incurred from these monies. Money pledged via online fundraising pages is collected automatically. Fundraising monies/donations can also be paid:​

  • By sending a cheque made payable to "Classic Car Relay" (stating your full name and unique Team Name on and event sections on the back) to:

    Classic Car Relay, St Keverne, Sandymere Road, Northam, Devon, EX39 1EY


3. I will ensure that all fundraising donation forms are completed in full and returned to Cancer Research UK to enable Gift Aid to be claimed where possible.

All proceeds from donations and registration fees after fuel, accommodation and registration pack costs will be donated to Cancer Research UK